A Nice Girl Like You Movie Review, Story Line And Cast

A Nice Girl Like You

In the romantic comedy genre, “A Nice Girl Like You” (2020) is a breath of fresh air, tackling female sexuality with a dash of self-discovery, candour, and humour. Lucy Hale dominates the show as Lucy Neal, a brilliant violinist who battles insecurity and love problems. After Lucy’s lover Jeff breaks up with her because she doesn’t have enough sexual desire, Lucy embarks on a journey of self-discovery. She’s motivated to reimagine her relationship with pleasure and intimacy.

Lucy enlists the assistance of her friends, Mindy Cohn’s Priscilla and Jackie Cruz’s Nessa, to compile a list of all the sex-related experiences she wants to have. After starting off as a way to satisfy her own needs, this list helps Lucy grow by encouraging her to face her anxieties, follow her passions, and find her actual self.

Lucy meets Grant (Leonidas Gulaptis) along the road, a pleasant and encouraging man who inspires her to let go of her inhibitions and accept her true self. Grant’s presence acts as a subtle reminder that embracing and appreciating one’s individual aspirations is the path to true fulfilment, rather than fitting in with society’s standards.

A Nice Girl Like You Netflix

The film skillfully navigates the complexity of female desire as Lucy sets out on her path of sexual exploration, illuminating the societal restrictions and internalised expectations that frequently impede women’s sexual independence. Lucy’s experiences are similar to those of a lot of women who find it difficult to balance their own goals with the stereotypes of what it means to be a “nice girl.”

“A Nice Girl Like You” tackles sensitive subjects like pleasure, permission, and communication without holding back when delving into the specifics of female sexuality. It accomplishes this in a lighthearted and realistic manner, making it entertaining to watch for viewers of all sexes and backgrounds.

In her portrayal of Lucy, Lucy Hale captivates the audience with her combination of humour, sensitivity, and an appealing shyness. Jackie Cruz and Mindy Cohn, who play Lucy’s encouraging pals with their own distinct comic flair, provide her with strong support.

The film’s theme is straightforward yet profound embracing one’s desires without feeling guilty or ashamed leads to ultimate satisfaction. Lucy’s journey serves as an example of the value of communication in building wholesome, satisfying relationships as well as the transformational power of self-discovery.

For everyone who has ever battled to balance their wants with society norms or felt insecure about their sexuality, “A Nice Girl Like You” is an necessary viewing. It’s a film that celebrates the complexity of female desire and the significance of self-acceptance, and it’s refreshingly honest and uplifting. “A Nice Girl Like You” has endearing characters, realistic humour, and an inspirational message that will stick with you long after the credits have rolled.

A Nice Girl Like You Review

A Nice Girl Like You Movie

“A Nice Girl Like You” offers a novel and frank perspective on female sexuality. The movie tackles the sensitive subject of sex head-on, with humour and relatability. As Lucy, Hale is endearing and credible, and Cohn and Cruz provide her with strong backing.

The film’s message is straightforward yet powerful: you should be accepted for who you are and it’s acceptable to be who you are. The delightful and touching movie “A Nice Girl Like You” will give you a sense of empowerment and inspiration.

A Nice Girl Like You Cast

  • Lucy Hale as Lucy
  • Jackie Cruz as Nessa
  • Mindy Cohn as Priscilla
  • Leonidas Gulaptis as Grant
  • Devon Hales as Jeff

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