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Taylor Swift Ex boyfriends Dated Before Travis Kelce Is Not Like Her Previous Partners

This is a tale of love. For nearly a decade, people have been talking a lot about Taylor Swift’s boyfriends and her relationships, both past and present.

Swift’s speciality has been love songs ever since the publication of her breakthrough single, “Tim McGraw,” in 2006. Undoubtedly, Swift is the queen of songwriting—especially when it comes to heartache ballads—having won ten Grammy Awards, nine studio albums, and seven number-one songs. “When someone wants to get back in a relationship, needs distance, or cheats on you, I can’t handle it. That is something deliberate; that is something sensible.”I simply don’t want to be in an unfair relationship ever again,” she stated in a 2012 interview with Cosmopolitan.

She went on to discuss the qualities she values in a companion. “I require that inexplicable spark…I just need to feel like, “Oh no, uh-oh,” when I see someone. I feel like if I were going to stay with someone forever, it would be because I saw them and thought, oh no. It’s only occurred a few times in my life,” she remarked at the time.

Swift has always kept her personal relationships a secret, despite the fact that she shares her soul in her music. What is known about Taylor Swift’s ex Boyfriends, Joe Alwyn and Harry Styles, as well as other celebrities who have influenced her music, is shown here.

Who is Taylor Swift dating now?

Who is Taylor Swift dating now? Look back at her ex-boyfriends, from Joe Alwyn to Harry Styles.

Travis Kelce (2023)

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were rumored to be spending time together in September 2023. The news came after The Messenger reported that two months earlier, the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker attempted to give his phone number to the singer. A source mentioned that Taylor and Travis have been quietly hanging out, and they saw each other when she was in New York City a few weeks ago.

In a July 2023 episode of the podcast “New Heights,” Travis shared that he tried to give Taylor a friendship bracelet containing his phone number before her Eras Tour concert at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Kansas. Travis expressed his disappointment, mentioning that Taylor doesn’t usually talk before or after her shows to save her voice for the extensive setlist. He revealed that he felt a bit upset for not being able to give her one of the bracelets he made.

Travis’s brother, Jason Kelce, added that Taylor doesn’t meet many people, and he took it personally when she didn’t want to meet him. Despite this, he praised Taylor’s incredible performance at the concert. The news of Taylor and Travis spending time together also coincided with Travis suffering a knee injury in September 2023, causing him to miss the Chiefs’ Week One game. NFL correspondent Jay Glazer highlighted the severity of Travis’ injury, initially fearing a leg fracture that could have ended his season. Fortunately, it turned out to be a deep bone bruise, and he had to have 45 cc of blood removed.

Travis Kelce spilled the beans on his relationship with Taylor Swift during his appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” on January 31, 2024. He revealed that he had invited Taylor to watch his game against the Chicago Bears on September 24, 2023, saying he “threw the ball in her court.” Travis clarified that they had known each other for almost a month before that game. Taylor has become a devoted fan, attending 12 Chiefs games to support Travis, which he appreciates, saying, “I love it when Taylor comes and supports me and enjoys the game with the fam and friends.”

According to a source from Entertainment Tonight, Travis and Taylor’s relationship is going well, progressing positively. Taylor plans to spend more time at Travis’ house in Kansas City during breaks from touring. The source emphasized the couple’s mutual respect and admiration, noting that their feelings are sincere.

In a Time Person of The Year interview, Taylor mentioned that their connection began after Travis playfully mentioned her on his podcast. Grateful for the time they had away from the public eye, Taylor expressed how it allowed them to genuinely get to know each other.

An insider shared with DailyMail that Travis is actively considering unique ideas for a future engagement ring. His plans include incorporating diamonds from his two Super Bowl rings and a special engraving to make it meaningful. Travis envisions a ring that reflects their connection and signifies a lasting commitment.

Matty Healy (2023)

On May 3, 2023, sources revealed to The Sun that Taylor Swift was reportedly in a romantic relationship with Matty Healy, the frontman of The 1975. The insiders claimed that the two were “madly in love,” and despite a brief dating stint almost ten years ago, their current connection felt right. The source clarified that Taylor and Joe had already split in February, ensuring there was no overlap in her relationships.

Both Taylor and Matty were on tour during this time, relying on FaceTime and texting to stay connected. The source mentioned their understanding of each other’s pressures as international megastars and their immense support for each other’s careers. Unlike Taylor’s previous relationship, she intended to be more open about this one and wanted to “own” it. Matty was reportedly planning to fly to Nashville to support Taylor on the next leg of her tour.

Despite being spotted together and frequenting Electric Lady Studios, their relationship reportedly ended on June 5, 2023, when a source informed TMZ about their breakup. Fans noticed Taylor crying during a performance of “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever in Chicago,” a well-known breakup song. In July 2023, Taylor seemed to respond to reunion rumors with an Instagram post on the Fourth of July, emphasizing her independence. HAIM, also in the post, captioned it “single summer.” A People source on July 5, 2023, asserted that Taylor and Matty were no longer in contact, and Taylor was enjoying her single life in New York City, dismissing rumors as “complete nonsense.”

However, The Sun reported in July 2023 that Taylor and Matty were back together. According to the insider, there was a magnetic connection between them, and they were determined to make it work. Despite potential behind-the-scenes issues, Matty was reportedly making changes to overcome them and was committed to his relationship with Taylor.

Joe Alwyn (2016 – 2023)

Swift and Alwyn first met at the 2016 Met Gala, where she also met Tom Hiddleston. Dating rumors between Swift and Alwyn began in October 2016 after they both attended a Kings of Leon concert. The speculation grew when Swift was seen at the premiere of Alwyn’s movie, “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,” a month later. Their relationship became public knowledge in May 2017.

In a 2018 Esquire interview, Alwyn shared that he didn’t seek advice about dating a celebrity because he knew how he felt about it. He emphasized the importance of respecting boundaries and deciding what to share publicly.

Having been together for more than six years, Entertainment Tonight reported in April 2023 that Swift and Alwyn had amicably parted ways. The breakup was described as not dramatic, with the source stating that the relationship had naturally run its course. This revelation explained Alwyn’s absence from Swift’s Eras Tour, with the insider noting that the breakup was the reason he hadn’t been seen at any of the shows.

Tom Hiddleston (2016)

Fans were taken aback when Swift and Hiddleston—who is credited with inspiring songs like “Getaway Car”—were seen holding hands in Rhode Island in June 2016 following their meeting at the Met Gala. Us Weekly revealed in 2016 that the couple had broken up, thus their romance was short-lived. An insider noted at the time, “She was the one who put the brakes on the relationship.” “She didn’t feel comfortable with Tom wanting the relationship to be more widely known. Taylor was aware of the negative publicity that may follow public demonstrations of affection, but when she voiced her concerns to Tom, he ignored her. Hiddleston is “embarrassed that the relationship fizzled out” now that they’ve broken up, the source claims.

During a 2017 interview with GQ, Hiddleston rejected the claim that his romance with Swift was a publicity stunt. He declared, “Taylor is an amazing woman.” We had a great day, and she is gorgeous, giving, and kind. It was real, of course.

Calvin Harris (2015 – 2016)

Swift dated Harris for 15 months between 2015 and 2016, making Harris one of the singer’s most well-known partners. Harris and Swift parted ways in June 2016. Harris went with Swift to the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards. At the time, a source claimed to People that Harris was “intimidated” by Swift’s success and is credited with inspiring songs like “I Forgot That You Existed.” The insider claimed that Harris had “on multiple occasions said that he was intimidated by Taylor, which is why he would not attend any award shows or events where she was being honoured unless he was nominated.”

At the time, Swift and Harris appeared to refute the allegation via a tweet. Swift retweeted Harris’ tweet, which stated, “The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect.”

Harry Styles (2012 – 2013)

Although the exact period of Swift and Styles’ relationship is unknown, it is thought to have lasted from late 2012 to early 2023. When Styles began to wear a paper aeroplane necklace that resembled the One Direction member’s, in November, romance rumours about Styles and Swift began to circulate. Styles referred to Swift as a “real lovely girl” in an interview with Seventeen a month prior. She really is the sweetest person I have ever met. She’s a wonderful child with a lot of skill,” he remarked. “She’s one of those people who really is a nice person that you meet.” She’s one of those people that is truly fantastic, but sometimes you meet people who are not as nice as you portray them to be.

A month later, the couple became viral after being seen on a date in Central Park. Reports surfaced in January 2013 claiming that they had split up in December. After “an almighty row,” an anonymous insider told the Daily Mail that she and Styles had broken up. Sources also verified the breakup to People.

In an interview with Howard Stern in 2020, Styles—who is credited as inspiring Swift’s songs “Style” and “Out of the Woods”—spoke candidly about their relationship and what it was like to have a song written on him.

“I consider what it means to write a song about someone else, and for someone else to do that, it’s kind of flattering; even if the song isn’t that great, you still put effort into it, and in the end, to use Taylor as an example, she’s a fantastic songwriter.” So, at minimum, they’re decent songs,” he remarked. “The only time you really wonder if a song is too personal is when you consider if it will really irritate the other person,” he went on. since I genuinely [care]. “Two Ghosts,” a song by Styles from 2020, is rumoured by fans to be about Swift.

Fans believe that the line “Your new girl is my clone” in Taylor’s 1989 rendition of her hit song “Is It Over Now” refers to Kimberly Stewart, Rod Stewart’s daughter, and her comeback.

The artist Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly Stewart, 33, and 19-year-old Harry were reportedly dating in April 2014, according to an E! article. The two were “introduced by a mutual friend who set them up,” according to a source, and they were “very happy” together. Kim have a strong will and pursues her goals, which Harry finds admirable. We’ll see where this goes as it’s extremely novel. She is “exactly his type,” the person continued.

It was virtually confirmed by Rod Stewart, during an appearance on Alan Carr’s talk show Chatty Man, that Harry and Kimberly had spent the night together. “In the morning, his vehicle arrived. That’s how we should put it,” he replied. “However, it’s possible that he stopped by to grab something.” I let the cat out of the bag, B*******, he exclaimed, realising how much he’d revealed. Harry is beyond compassionate. He is a really humorous man.

Jake Gyllenhaal (2010 – 2011)

Swift dated Gyllenhaal for three months, from October 2010 to January 2011. It is thought that Gyllenhaal inspired Swift’s 2012 heartache album, Red. Swift clarified the meaning of “The Last Time,” one of her songs from Red, in a 2012 interview with NPR. “It concerns an encounter I had with a somewhat dubious individual.” She added at the time, “You never know when he’s going to leave, you never know when he’s going to come back, but he always does come back.”

While Gyllenhaal is credited as inspiring a number of Red songs, such as “We Are Never Getting Back Together” and “Moment I Knew,” Swift’s lyrics about Gyllenhaal in her song “All Too Well” have piqued listeners’ interest the most. Swifties like this heartbreaking ballad, which makes reference to the incident in which Swift left her scarf at Gyllenhaal’s sister’s house. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gyllenhaal’s sister, responded to the line in a 2017 Watch What Happens Live interview. “I don’t know anything about the scarf. It is quite feasible. I’m not sure,” she remarked.

John Mayer (2009 – 2010)

Swift and Mayer had a brief relationship at the end of 2009; it is thought that Mayer influenced songs including “Dear John,” “Superstar,” and “The Story of Us.” Swift’s appearance on Mayer’s 2009 song “Half of My Heart” led to their romance. She stated, “[John Mayer] tweeted the other day about writing a song and wanting to do a duet with me.” Because I’ve been a huge fan of John for so long, I freaked out when I heard. In 2009, she told Elle, “I’m really excited about the idea that he would even mention me in his Twitter!”

Mayer criticised Swift in a 2012 Rolling Stone interview for writing “Dear John” on him. Swift sung about a toxic relationship she was in when she was 19 years old in the song, which was taken from her 2010 album Speak Now. In 2012, Mayer said to Rolling Stone, “I never got an email.” “I never received a call. At a moment when I had already been dressed down, I was truly taken aback and embarrassed. How would you feel, really, if someone kicked you even harder when you were already at your lowest point?

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