Disney Is Welcoming Back Johnny Depp! But For Not A Leading Role In The Pirates Of The Caribbean 6?

The news of “Returning back” of Johnny Depp makes the fans energetic and happy but fans are very disappointed after hearing that he is working as a supporting role in the Pirates of the Caribbean 6. They wished to see him as Captain Jack Sparrow, the leading role for the movie. But do you know the incident, why Johnny Depp had been ousted from multiple Hollywood projects before? And why do fans react against Disney? Read below to know the reasons.

Why should Johnny Depp cancel the offer to Disney? Is all the news rumor or reality?

As we know from the media, Johnny was exited from multiple projects. But why did this happen? What’s the reason behind it ? The answer of all the questions was his X wife Amber heard who put the obligation on him of domestic violence. At that time Johnny Depp was shooting for Fantastic Beast 3 and he had done one day with them also.but Disney abandoned him shortly after hearing this news and left the hand of Johnny Depp in such a situation. Johnny Depp had also lost the UK trial against the claim” wife beater”.

Fans reaction after hearing the news of working as a supportive role for Disney

A fan reacted, “ Supporting role? Never. It’s a John Denny, it’s why we watch the movie”

Another fan said, I will never accept it unless Disney pays through the nose.

Some said, does Johnny forget how they treat him during their trial?

One said, I think Disney is using for selling their movie tickets.

Johnny Depp response on the news of working with Disney

Johnny had given 50 dollar defamation to Amber Heard for domestic violence claim. At that time they were rejected by Disney.

Johnny had given the statement that if even Disney offered $301 million to him, he would never work with Disney again, not at any cost. He was very disappointed by Disney at that time when he needed them.

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