Matt Rife: Natural Selection Netflix Review and More

Matt Rife: Natural Selection

In 2023, Matt Rife has garnered more views than any other comic. His crowdsourced videos are so popular on TikTok (where he has over 18 million followers) and Instagram (where he has over 6 million followers), that bootleg compilations of him are all over YouTube. Rife has published not one, not two, but three stand-up specials on his own YouTube channel, and they have received a total of 38 million views. Of course, he has a Netflix special, right? But what can he currently share from his tank?

Matt Rife: Natural Selection

Matt Rife shot his first-ever Netflix special at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., during his tour stop. During the show, he laughed about his celebrity and social media, his affection for elderly people, the porn he had seen for the first time, and his continued belief in ghosts and monsters.

More than anything or anyone else, Rife strikes me as the next big thing since Dane Cook; he combines a youthful enthusiasm and a hint of puckishness with a knowledge of the always changing technological aspects of social media in a package meant to appeal primarily to young, female audiences.

Matt Rife: Natural Selection

As an example of Maryland’s “so beautiful and so ratchet for no reason,” Rife used the black-eyed woman who sat him down to dine as an example in one of his opening jokes about how different Baltimore is from the rest of the state. Is this the company’s face, he asks in jest. It is her black eye that needs to be removed if she could cook. Rife, saying he simply wanted to take a symbolic temperature reading of the audience, sticks his toe out in front of the stage, drawing laughs or gasps. Are they capable of taking a joke about domestic abuse?

Women who make astrology or crystals their entire personality are mocked by Rife. He says he hates youth, especially when it comes to older folks. He expresses gratitude to God for giving his autistic nephew artistic talent, but then veers off topic to make light of a high school buddy who suffers from “Dick-You-Down syndrome.” Many other passages allude to Rife’s personal sexual predilections or transgressions, and he wants his audience to know that he will eat ass but not onions. Maybe it’s his stepfather’s fault that a teenage Rife found that beer box full of porn on VHS cassettes in the closet.

Hence, it’s intriguing that Rife says he wasn’t taken seriously as a comedian for 12 years, given the videos and IMDB credits mention several chances he had to make a major breakthrough before TikTok pulled the plot. Rife appeared on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out, where he shared the stage with other rising comic talents like Pete Davidson and D.C. Young Fly. This helps to explain Rife’s current persona and style of delivery. Additionally, he had appearances on a few episodes of Fresh Off The Boat and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In 2019, he participated in NBC’s Bring The Funny, a primetime competition where he was admired by celebrity judge Chrissy Teigen.

Certain reviewers argue that there is no substance in pretty boy comics. With Rife, however, that isn’t the case because he is skilled at crafting a joke and a routine that includes all the standard stand-up techniques and callbacks. However, TikTok was the one who gave him the opportunity to become virally famous.

In this hour, Rife asserts that it wasn’t necessarily what he desired. He calls internet forums nasty, poisonous, and “full of horrible people saying horrible things all the time.” “I can’t stand social media, which I know is crazy for y’all to hear ’cause that’s why you’re all here,” he adds.

That hasn’t stopped him from contributing to and participating in internet communities, though. A protracted account of Rife’s flight experience turns into a lesson in life for him when his tirade on Twitter over the incident sparks hundreds of grievances against him. Not only is this a hilariously minor debate between Rife and the flight attendant, but it also serves as the basis for his hour-long stand-up performance, which he named “Natural Selection.” In addition, his defensiveness—which makes him want to murder anyone who approaches him in a metaphor—is not only a flaw or a character attribute; it is also what brought attention to his social media accounts.

Ultimately, it is Rife’s belief that we ought to ignore the opinions of online haters. “Anything is yours to create and share,” he declares. “I am doing what I believe to be funny, and it feels right to me.” “But what do I know? ” he says, feeling the desire to win even if it’s just for himself. You mean that I only work with crowds?

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