Urfi Javed Get Secretly Engaged? Check Her Engagement Pictures

Urfi javed engagement

Urfi Javed’s picture has gone viral where she is seen performing puja in front of a havan kund with a man sitting besides her. Fans feel that the diva is now secretly engaged!

Social media star Urfi Javed has recently caused a buzz with photos of her taking part in a private puja ceremony alongside an unknown man. These pictures, shared by her sister Urusa, show Urfi looking lovely in a blue traditional outfit with a draped scarf over her head. The man with her was dressed formally, his face hidden by a heart-shaped sticker.

Urfi Javed Engaged To Mystery Man?

Urfi javed engagement

Urfi javed engagement

As of now, Urfi has not officially commented on these widely shared pictures. The identity of this mysterious gentleman remains unknown, leaving fans curious about whether this puja signifies an engagement or holds a different meaning.

Urfi Javed On Her Bold Fashion:

In an open conversation about her bold fashion choices, Urfi responded to critics by saying, “Maybe they have a point – perhaps I don’t fit the typical image of a woman, maybe I’m seen as an outsider to society, maybe I’m viewed as a negative influence on the younger generation. In the harsh words of trolls, perhaps I’m labeled negatively. Should I believe I’m unworthy? Maybe I’m not accepted by anyone, not even by family.”

Urfi consistently grabs attention not only for her unique fashion sense but also for her honest, unapologetic viewpoints on life. She encourages women to seek financial independence rather than relying on men.

Reflecting on her own financial journey, Urfi remarked, “I never had much money, even though I felt like a wealthy girl inside. I genuinely believe that instead of chasing after a man, girls should chase after financial stability. While money isn’t everything, it certainly counts for a lot. When you face a hundred problems, money can solve ninety-nine of them. Besides, facing ‘rich people problems’ is far preferable to facing ‘poor people problems’,” Urfi aptly concluded.

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