Review : Duranga Season 2 A disappointing Sequel

In the ZEE5 series Duranga Season 2 based on “Flower of Evil,” Gulshan Devaiah and Amit Sadh compete to each other. 

Duranga Season 2

Duranga Season 2 Review

The fascinating concept for Duranga, a ZEE5 series based on the Korean serial Flower of Evil, about a wanted criminal who is married to a police officer unexpectedly discovering his past catching up with him, made for an exciting first season. But with an unsteady plot, uneven twists, and unlikable characters, the second season is lacking in nearly every aspect.

The season continues where the last one ended, with Abhishek (Gulshan Devaiah), a psychotic serial killer Bala Banne’s son (Zakir Hussain), escaping the police. He is going by the name of Sammit Patel, a man who has been unconscious for fourteen years. Ira (Drashti Dhami), a police officer, is married to Abhishek; however, she is not aware of her husband’s true identity.

When the real Sammit emerges from his coma in the upcoming season, Abhishek’s history haunts him once more. Now, Abhishek has to find out the way to keep his family safe from the police and Sammit, who is looking for revenge.

Duranga Season 2’s narrative is complicated and filled with flaws. The characters lack empathy and have a one-dimensional appearance. Particularly Ira is annoyingly innocent and blind to the warning indications that her husband is hiding something from her.

Duranga Season 2

The poor and unexpected twists and strategies are also a major part of the show. As an illustration, the murderer consistently manages to avoid detection by being at the right place at the right time. It is also implied that the police are stupid and incompetent.

Even with his heartfelt performance, Gulshan Devaiah is unable to overcome the show’s numerous flaws. While Drashti Dhami is likewise acceptable, she is limited in what she can do by the poorly written role.

Overall, Duranga Season 2 is a bit disappointing for the viewers expectations which they were expecting from the Duranga Season 1.

Duranga Season 2 Official Trailer

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