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Pippa movie

With Ishaan Khatter, Priyanshu Painyuli, and Mrunal Thakur in the lead roles, Raja Krishna Menon’s Pippa portrays India’s kindness and role in the creation of Bangladesh.

Pippa Review and Story Line

With the appropriate research, Pippa had every element to be a fantastic movie, but the writing fell flat in one place. However, the amazing star cast’s flawless performances were what kept it going. Khatter, Priyanshu Painyuli, Mrunal Thakur, and Soni Razdan all appeared to be determined to give it their all on screen.

Individuals who are familiar with the 1971 conflict between India and Pakistan over East Pakistan, currently known as Bangladesh, are aware of the events that transpired. Nonetheless, I’m sure that a lot of people are unaware of the conflict and the background behind the Mukti Bahini’s creation. It might be a holy mess for them to understand Pippa. 

Despite the excellent camera work and scene design. The best part about Pippa is how much it highlights the human side of battle as well as what goes on in a soldier’s life behind the scenes. And keep in mind that there are no pointless conversations or exaggerated displays of patriotism.

The story of Pippa revolves around a conventional military family, in which both sons enlist in the Indian Army to serve their country. Major Ram Mehta, the older brother, is portrayed by Priyanshu Painyuli as a very disciplined and excellent officer. The younger character, portrayed by Ishaan Khatter as Captain Balram Singh Mehta, is the complete opposite. Though intelligent, he despises adhering to military regulations. Although Captain Balram Singh Mehta has an unorthodox way of thinking, he lacks self-discipline and accepts little accountability. The two brothers’ divergent worldviews also cause them to constantly argue at home. Mrunal Thakur portrays Radha, their sister. Her temperament also has a playful aspect, and she shares many traits with her younger brother, albeit in a more subdued manner.

The Burning Chaffees, Captain Balram Singh Mehta’s war memoir, was as the inspiration for Pippa. I can’t discuss the book because I haven’t read it. There are battle scenes with Captain Balram Singh Mehta (Ishaan Khatter) and the tank named Pippa. However, no one truly knows why Pippa is the name of the movie. The chemistry between the brothers is what the movie didn’t work well. It feels a little too forced. The younger child is the house’s black sheep, while the older child is Soni Razdan’s favourite.

The older brother is tactful, adept at seeming like a “good boy,” concealing his cigarette use, and assigning responsibility to his younger sibling. The younger one, on the other hand, never lies and is shamelessly immature. When it comes to learning how to ride a motorbike and sneaking cigarettes, Radha (Mrunal Thakur) is the most balanced character. On the other side, she is submissive in front of her mother and elder brother. However, the creators did not give her character any depth.

When both go to fight to free East Pakistan from Pakistan, which is now known as Bangladesh, the movie truly starts to take flight. Although the film may occasionally become boring and monotonous—possibly due to the era being shown—it is unquestionably captivating. There were moments when I thought Pippa was a film that would have done well in theatres as well as online.

Although Ishaan Khatter is a fantastic performer, I thought that there was a little amount of overacting in this movie. It’s undeniable that he portrays an undisciplined army officer, but regardless of how flirtatious or cheeky you are, there’s a specific manner that the fauj and their training require, and Khatter was unable to match it. Even with his uniform on and that quirky haircut, the man appeared to be an army man from every angle. It just didn’t work.

Priyanshu Painyuli, in my opinion, performed a far better job. He had the appearance of an army officer. Shakaal sai, akaal sai, bolana ka taadika sai hai. With less conversation, he performed a mature role as an older brother and a wonderful officer, and he did it with great skill. Nonetheless, I suppose the screenplay undervalued him. A little bit more could have been done to develop his character.

Regarding Mrunal Thakur, I am really dissatisfied with her recent performances—not just Pippa. Her portrayal of the character has no depth at all. Although I thought her performance here was slightly better than her previous few, she still has to consider ways to improve. In contrast, Soni Razdan barely has a part to play. She could have had a lot more depth and backstories if she had been a battle widow. She is basically depicted as a grumpy mother who obviously loves her older child more and treats him differently. That’s it.

Overall despite this, the film pays tribute to India’s kindness in creating Bangladesh. An honest mission that the movie could have done a better job of executing.

Pippa Cast:

  • Ishaan Khatter
  • Priyanshu Painyuli 
  • Mrunal Thakur
  • Soni Razdan
  • Chandrachoor Rai
  • Anuj Singh Duhan
  • Kamal Sadanah
  • Flora David Jacob

Rating : 3/5

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