Netflix’s One Piece Reviews: Critics Share Strong First Reactions

NetflixOne piece live action

The initial reviews for Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece have emerged, and they’re overwhelmingly positive. Fans are once again embarking on a journey to the Grand Line through Netflix’s latest anime-to-live-action project.

This rendition of One Piece is based on the long-standing manga and anime of the same title, both of which have been consistently delivering fresh tales revolving around the resilient protagonist Luffy and his crew of Straw Hat Pirates for more than two decades.

After previous disappointments like the live-action Death Note film and Cowboy Bebop series, skepticism lingered regarding Netflix’s endeavors in reimagining cherished anime classics. Yet, early preview screenings hinted that One Piece might be the one to shatter the pattern. With its release just a week away, critics have begun sharing their assessments of the live-action adaptation.

One Piece Gets Glowing First Reactions

One piece live action

Initial feedback suggests that this Netflix adaptation might finally break the notorious anime-to-live-action curse. The cast, visual effects, and swashbuckling narrative of pirates are being highly praised. Megan Peters of expressed watching “Season 1 several times now” and deeming it “good good.” Daniel Dockery from Crunchyroll also had positive remarks, labeling the series as “good.” Mo Hoosen of The Streamr hailed it as “the real deal,” hoping it will be remembered as the “king of the Netflix shows.”

Having viewed all 8 episodes of Netflix’s forthcoming ‘One Piece’ and having limited exposure to the source material, I can affirm that this is the long-awaited show fans of live-action manga and anime adaptations have been yearning for. This is the genuine article. The dynamic camera work, polished visual effects, an outstanding cast, and a profound grasp of storytelling, along with the expertise to script, direct, and produce high-budget episodic content, make this a contender to potentially stand as the paramount Netflix show.

A critic known as @WildeePatrol on X (formerly Twitter) expressed being “pleasantly surprised” by the adaptation. They lauded the “vast” scale of the show, praising the dedicated effort invested in every facet of its production. In a follow-up post, they commended the cast, particularly how the straw crew felt impeccably brought to life, especially Luffy.

Evan Valentine from contrasted this adaptation with some of Netflix’s other anime adaptations, stressing, “This is NOT Cowboy Bebop, cannot stress that enough.”

Looks like the embargo to talk about #OnePieceNetflix has dropped and am happy to report it’s a real blast! As someone who didn’t know anything about it prior, I found myself very moved by its characters and energy, and it even got me to finally dive into the anime!

— Grant Hermanns (@grantheftautho) August 25, 2023

What implications do these positive reviews hold for the One Piece series?

Fans of One Piece have been eagerly awaiting to witness if Netflix’s take on the cherished manga and anime would honor its legacy. Based on these early reactions, it appears that the streaming platform might have struck gold.

For over two decades, One Piece has remained a beloved anime, with a massive following growing alongside its extensive 1,100-episode run. However, this extensive episode count has posed a challenge for newcomers, making them hesitant to delve into the world of piracy.

This is precisely why the concept of a live-action adaptation garnered excitement. It offers a fresh entry point for devoted fans while potentially enticing newcomers to explore the anime as well. The fact that the live-action show is garnering praise suggests that even more viewers will be inclined to join the Straw Hat Pirates in their pursuit of the Grand Line.

Given the expansive narrative scope of One Piece, which has grown over the years, the Netflix series could potentially cover a wealth of material in the event of a successful adaptation, leading to future seasons. While a second season hasn’t been officially confirmed by Netflix, there are indications that showrunner Matt Owens has been involved in its development.

So, if the series finds success, fans can anticipate further adventures from the world of One Piece on Netflix. The debut of Netflix’s One Piece is scheduled for Thursday, August 31.


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