Mission Raniganj Review : The Great Bharat Rescue

Mission Raniganj: The Great Bharat Rescue, directed by Tinu Suresh Desai and starring Akshay Kumar, is a gripping and engaging evacuation drama. Before watching the film, read our full review to learn more about it.

Mission raniganj the great bharat rescue review


  • Mission Raniganj: The Great Bharat Rescue is a very thrilling and engaging film
  • Akshay Kumar reprises the role of Jaswant Singh Gill in Mission Raniganj
  • Mission Raniganj plays at a theatre near you from today

Name: The Great Bharat Rescue

Cast: Parineeti Chopra,Akshay Kumar

Rating: 3.5

Story Plot

The great bharat rescue plot summary

Mission Raniganj is the story of how Additional Chief Mining Engineer Jaswant Singh Gill (Akshay Kumar) along with his team evacuates 65 mine workers from a flooded coal mine in Raniganj, West Bengal, in 1989. It is the story of how a braveheart rescues the miners when almost everyone has given up on the thought of their survival. Through the three days that the rescue operation goes on for, Gill and his team face numerous challenges and hurdles, but they eventually succeed in their mission, making it one of the greatest and grittiest rescue operations in the country. 

Mission Rani Ganj Is a True Story? 

Mission raniganj true story

Mission Raniganj: The Great Bharat Rescue is a true story about Jaswant Singh Gill, an Additional Chief Mining Engineer who led a daring rescue operation to save 65 miners trapped in a flooded coal mine in Raniganj, West Bengal, in 1989.

The film follows Gill and his team as they face numerous challenges and hurdles over the course of three days, including rising water levels, dangerous mine conditions, and bureaucratic red tape. But despite all odds, they are eventually able to rescue the miners, making it one of the greatest and grittiest rescue operations in Indian history.

Pros Of Mission Raniganj The Great Bharat Rescue

Mission Raniganj is an enthralling and suspenseful film that will have you at the edge of your seat. Clocking in at just over 2 hours, this biographical drama is a smooth ride. It’s rich in emotion, and by the end, you’re bound to get shivers down your spine. The scenes inside the coal mine create a palpable sense of suffocation, successfully allowing the audience to grasp a fraction of what the trapped miners endured. The film adeptly uncovers the corruption within the system and sheds light on the ongoing plight of the labor class in India. There are instances where the lives of miners are devalued by unscrupulous officials, mirroring real-life situations where monetary gains overshadow human lives. On the technical front, the film is well-shot, particularly the mine sequences. The background score pumps up the adrenaline, and the song ‘Jeetega’ is a goosebump-inducing experience. The editing is razor-sharp.

Cons Of Mission Raniganj The Great Bharat Rescue

While Mission Raniganj is a well-crafted film, it does have its share of clichés. At times, the writing takes convenient turns, which, if avoided, could have elevated the film’s overall impact. There are moments where the film tends to get unnecessarily loud. Moreover, the portrayal of the antagonist leaves much to be desired. The depiction of antagonists in Hindi cinema has fallen into a somewhat predictable pattern. Aside from these points, there’s little else to criticize about this competently executed movie.

Mission Raniganj Acting Performance

Mission raniganj akshay kumar and parineeti chopra

Akshay Kumar, portraying Jaswant Singh Gill, delivers a reliable performance. He holds his own throughout the film, with a standout performance in the final 30 minutes.

Parineeti Chopra, while not having a substantial role, leaves a lasting impression every time she graces the screen.

The supporting cast of Mission Raniganj is truly outstanding. From Kumud Mishra to Ravi Kishan and the rest of the mine workers, each member contributes immensely to the film. Their presence is the heartbeat of the movie, and no amount of praise feels sufficient to commend their contributions.

Mission Raniganj Overall Verdict

“Mission Raniganj” deserves a prime spot at the forefront of your must-watch list. This Akshay Kumar starrer stands out as one of his finest works in recent times, making it a compelling choice for a big-screen experience. Don’t miss out on this highly recommended film. Its gripping narrative and powerful performances promise an unforgettable cinematic journey. Secure your tickets for a theatrical viewing and immerse yourself in the remarkable story of courage and resilience.

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