Ghoomer Box Office Collection: Film Fails to Make a Mark on Day 6

Ghoomer Movie

Ghoomer, starring Abhishek Bachchan, had a weak debut weekend at the box office, earning just 1.00 crore. Since then, the movie’s take has only decreased, and it has now amassed a total of 6.25 crore in 6 days.

Day-wise collection:

  • Day 1: ₹1.00 crore
  • Day 2: ₹0.60 crore
  • Day 3: ₹0.45 crore
  • Day 4: ₹0.35 crore
  • Day 5: ₹0.30 crore
  • Day 6: ₹0.25 crore

Abhishek Bachchan plays the lead in the movie “Ghoomer,” which had a lacklustre start at the box office with only $1.00 crore collected on the first day of release. Unfortunately, since the movie’s release, its income trend has been continuously declining. Its box office performance over the next six days has been sluggish, resulting in a total box office collection of only 6.25 crore.

Contrary to original predictions, “Ghoomer” had trouble grabbing viewers’ attention and getting them into theatres. The film’s overall financial prospects were discouraged by the underwhelming first day performance. The movie failed to show the kind of increasing trend that often characterises successful box office runs in the following days, with no discernible improvement.

There may be a variety of factors contributing to the movie’s poor result. Its troubles at the box office may have been caused by elements like competition from other contemporaneous releases, weak marketing tactics, unfavourable reviews, or a less enticing storyline. The movie’s inability to connect with a larger audience and produce favourable word-of-mouth recommendations probably hurt its chances of making a comeback.

Due to these difficulties, “Ghoomer” is in a precarious position, with a cumulative collection of 6.25 crore after six days of release. The movie’s box office performance highlights the importance of elements like compelling storyline, successful marketing strategies, and favourable critical acclaim in deciding a movie’s commercial success.

Reasons for the poor performance:

The movie office failure of Ghoomer can be attributed to a variety of factors. First off, there was a tonne of rivalry because high-profile films like Gadar 2Jelar and OMG 2 also came out at the same time as the movie. 

Second, the movie’s marketing strategy wasn’t particularly successful and didn’t really excite the public. Third, the movie’s plot and characters are not particularly relevant to the general public, which has also impacted how poorly it did.

Can Ghoomer recover its production costs?

The likelihood that “Ghoomer” will be able to recoup its production costs through box office receipts is dim. The movie is currently in a difficult scenario that calls for a notable and unique technique to grab the audience’s attention. An uphill battle awaits, necessitating a singular and outstanding approach to grab spectators’ attention.

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