Elite Season 7 Review : Netflix Teen Drama Which Stop Making Sense

Elite season 7 review

Omar Ayuso, Valentina Zenere, and André Lamoglia, among other well-known personalities, return in Elite Season 7, which is currently streaming on Netflix. Created by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona, this Spanish teen thriller series delves into the lives of students at an elite institution.

The eight episodes of the show, each lasting between fifty and fifty-five minutes, provide a respectable amount of material. Nevertheless, the plot tends to become a little complicated as the show goes on. There may be moments when it leaves viewers perplexed.

Ayuso, Zenere, and Lamoglia are among the cast members who give strong performances in their respective parts. Despite its intense moments, the show’s sometimes-complex plot may not be to everyone’s taste.

Something like this might catch your attention if you enjoy intense teen dramas with a hint of spice. But you could find it a little confusing if you’re used to a simpler story.

Elite Season 7 Review: Plot Summary

Elite season 7 plot summary

The trauma of losing his friend Samuel and Omar’s background are explored in Elite Season 7, with Omar turning to therapy for support. A love triangle featuring Omar, Joel, and Ivan develops when he meets Joel, and he develops feelings for the latter.

As a result of their families’ long-standing rivalry, Didac’s brother has surreptitiously recorded Isadora and Didac’s private encounters, even though they have publicly broken up.

The relationship between Sara and Raul is still toxic, while Chloe, a new character, becomes well-known by posting private films. Drama is increased when Eric, Nico’s cousin, joins the Elite plot.

There are still unanswered questions after the introduction of these new personalities and intricate relationships. Will it ever come to light whether Sara caused Ivan’s vehicle accident? Do we ascertain the identity of the shooter? And what will happen to Didac and Isadora’s relationship? The intricate web of drama and intrigue in Elite Season 7 keeps viewers wondering.

Discussion Of Elite Season 7 Review :

There is no doubt that the creators of Elite Season 7 on Netflix are aware of the show’s devoted audience and believe a strong plot is not particularly necessary. A couple attractive persons are presented to us each season, which results in tonnes of drama, love triangles, and quadrangles. The new season follows suit, only worse. The friendship element is totally removed, and several single or couple subplots no longer line up. The show’s ultimate result is incoherent due to the addition of numerous characters with thin plots.

Elite reason 7 review

Little progress is made in the plot by Omar’s reappearance or the trauma premise. The producers appear to have considered Omar when they were looking for someone to satisfy the nostalgia of the original actors. His unstable thinking is never given the opportunity to be understood by us. Omar’s marital turmoil is becoming monotonous, and he hasn’t grown much throughout the several seasons that have passed. Love, lust, and desire were evident in relationships in previous seasons. Now, the only reason couples form is when the show’s creators decide to change the focus of the plot from crime to sensual teenage drama.

It was quite annoying to observe the connection between Didac and Isadora and all of their secrets. Their emphasis was placed on their political differences and familial conflicts rather than their connection at its foundation. Considering how much they celebrated the abuse, Sara and Raul have had to be the worst couple. Spoiler alert: Sara manipulates Raul with a deceptive game in order to break out from the relationship. But when he begins dating someone else, it becomes clear that she is envious. Why destroy her life and the lives of the other girls?

In one scene, a mother and son—the youngster not yet realising it’s his mother—begin dating while high on drugs. Why do the creators think it will improve the flawed idea in any way?

Ivan becomes a one-dimensional figure as he heals from his injuries from the accident and the heartache of losing Patrick. Sonia, Nico, and Rocio serve as filler while Eric takes centre stage in the story. Chloe, another new character, is an addict who loves to share her own sex tapes. Later on in the story, her character’s plan thickens. However, we have never addressed the reason behind her peculiar attention-seeking behaviour. She never discusses any past trauma that would support her dubious behaviour. Was this included just for erotica enthusiasts’ sake?

The gunshot suspense in Elite Season 7 is left unanswered. Sara-Ivan-Raul’s truth appears insignificant because couples’ disputes are the main topic of discussion. A disorganised chaos has emerged from what was once an engrossing teenage erotic thriller. Even once 80% of the nudity is removed, the show is still plot-void. This has to be rewritten with the plagiarism removed and in plain language that anyone could use to write a movie review.

Elite Season 7 Review : Final Verdict

Elite Review Final Verdict

With so many new characters cramming the storyline, Elite Season 7 appears to have gone awry. The suspenseful moments don’t quite measure up to the anticipated excitement, and the romantic storylines lack the fire and passion that once captured our interest. That this new season doesn’t offer anything noteworthy is seldom shocking. Seeing shows like this renewed year after year is depressing, especially considering some of the best shows on the platform been cancelled in the last two years. You are left questioning the choices that are being made.

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