Dunki Box Office Collection Day 1 Worldwide


The star power of Shah Rukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal, and Boman Irani sparked brightly in “Dunki’s” Box Office opening day! Though it landed at #7 in 2023’s biggest first days, just behind blockbusters like “Jawan” and “Pathan,” the buzz around this heartwarming tale of immigration and second chances is undeniable. Imagine the roar of applause as King Khan himself graced the screen, the tears shared as Taapsee Pannu brought vulnerability to life, and the chuckles tickled by Vicky Kaushal’s comedic timing. “Dunki” might not be the top dog on the box office leaderboard, but it’s certainly got hearts beating and conversations buzzing – a promising start for a film that promises to touch souls.

Dunki Day 1 Box Office Collection In India

The whispers in the box office bazaar have it: “Dunki” has landed! While estimates paint a picture of 30-32 crore in its opening act (according to the producer’s own crystal ball) and 27.5-28.5 crore from the trade’s tally (those folks with fingers on the pulse of movie magic), it’s clear this Shah Rukh Khan starrer is stirring the popcorn pot.

Think of it like this: imagine the Grand Canyon, vast and awe-inspiring, with “Jawan” and “Pathan” as those soaring cliffs that draw in crowds like moths to a flame. “Dunki,” meanwhile, has carved its own niche, not on the rim, but on a mesa nearby, its unique charm beckoning a different kind of traveler. It’s not aiming to eclipse the giants, but rather offering a heartwarming oasis in the cinematic landscape.

Sure, it might not shatter records the way those behemoths did, but “Dunki’s” opening is like that first sip of chai on a crisp morning – promising, full of potential, and warming the soul with the anticipation of what’s to come. So, while it may not scale the box office Everest on Day 1, “Dunki” has planted its flag firmly on a lesser peak, and who knows, with each step this heartwarming tale takes, it might just surprise us all with the view from the top.

Dunki Worldwide Box Office Collection

Dunki’s grand opening totals reach a respectable Rs 55 to 65 crores gross worldwide. This promising start showcases the film’s ability to connect with audiences beyond Indian borders.

Compared to the opening days of Hindi movie titans like Jawan and Pathan, Dunki might not sit at the very top of the box office Himalayas. However, it’s certainly carved its own impressive notch on a nearby peak, attracting its own dedicated crowd drawn to its unique charm and heartwarming story.

Dunki Overseas Box Office Collection

The highly anticipated Shah Rukh Khan film, Dunki, has made its mark on the world stage! While it may not be scaling domestic box office Everest just yet, its overseas collection of $2.5 to $3.5 million (Rs 20 to 30 crores gross) speaks volumes about its international appeal.

Overall Thought

While box office records may not be shattered on Day 1, Dunki’s global opening is like the first sip of a flavorful, fragrant chai – full of promise and warming the soul with the anticipation of what’s to come. As the film embarks on its cinematic journey, who knows, it might just surprise us all with its ascent to even greater heights in the days and weeks ahead.

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