Escaping Twin Flames Netflix Review

Escaping twin flames

In the three-part Netflix documentary series Escaping Twin Flames, which was directed by Cecilia Peck, former members of Twin Flames Universe spoke about how Jeff and Shaleia Ayan, also known as Jeff and Shaleia Devine, persuaded people to pursue their “Twin Flame” regardless of how.

Escaping Twin Flames

The Gist:

Following Marina Zenovich’s Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe, which debuted on Prime Video last month, this is the second Twin Flames Universe docuseries. In addition to one or two parents and siblings of members who are still present but have cut themselves off from their families, this documentary series has interviews with a variety of former TFU members.

The majority of those Peck spoke with went on to become coaches, salespeople, web designers, or social media experts for TFU or its subsidiary business MAP. The individuals had previously met someone with whom they had a significant connection, but in nearly every instance, their sentiments were not returned. They attended TFU’s Ascension programmes and came across Jeff and Shaleia while searching for answers.

Escaping twin flames

A hard disc with hundreds of videos was one of them, and Keely gave the filmmakers access to the video footage of the TFU classes. After he quit their relationship, she genuinely went after her Twin Flame, and they were married. In contrast, Marlee, her sister, didn’t have one and was urged to pursue a man who had messaged her on Facebook as her Twin Flame. It turned out that he had a criminal record and mental health problems, and when Marlee attempted to get help for him, Jeff discouraged her, believing that he just needed a good partner.

While Paula’s twin sister Stephanie is still in TFU, the filmmakers also speak with her. It appears that Stephanie’s efforts to turn against her family due to Jeff and Shaleia’s influence have left her and her mother Louise without communication since at least 2020. The only former member who appears in both docuseries appears to be Arcelia, a transgender woman who was among those advised to follow a Twin Flame no matter what. She left TFU when the Ayans began discussing the “divine” qualities that each Twin Flame couple possessed, a consequence of the majority of TFU’s members being female.

Although both Twin Flames Universe documentaries cover a lot of the same territory, Escaping Twin Flames delves deeply into how Jeff and Shaleia enlisted members, conned them into paying thousands of dollars for classes, and then enlisted them as coaches (who earned their own money) and staff members (who volunteered their time in exchange for free classes). Although their feelings for the persons they had lately connected with weren’t returned, these people, who could hardly afford these seminars, wanted to investigate the spirituality behind those ties.

The identity of each person’s Twin Flame is revealed in greater detail in this documentary series than it was in Desperately Seeking Soulmate, which makes the Ayans’ advice to members to pursue these individuals at all costs seem more reasonable. In the instance of Elle, a DNA researcher, her former partner—who the Ayans had “certified” as her Twin Flame—had really filed for a restraining order against her. Elle was advised to disregard the order and maintain contact with her partner. He got her arrested since she was at the same nightclub as him.

While Alice Hines’ reporting served as the focal point of the previous docuseries, Sarah Berman’s reporting appears to have served as the basis for a significant portion of the material presented here. Berman reported about TFU for Vice. The sources she used, however, appear to have come from Jeff and Shaleia’s inner circle, and together they paint a much more coherent picture of exactly what the Ayans would do to keep people in TFU. These include publicly humiliating members in class, altering rules to prevent people from becoming discouraged when their methods don’t work, and the often-cited “mirroring method,” which forced members to take all of their external problems on themselves.

There is a great deal of fascinating information about how Jeff and Shaleia transformed TFU into a church-like organisation with profit centres under its non-profit umbrella and moved to encouraging people who are cisgender to move to the side of “divine” masculine or feminine. However, there is less biographical information about Jeff and Shaleia in this docuseries, which may have been frustrating if this one came out first. We were left with the impression that these two are at best trying to sell us something that they are not capable of delivering, and we had no desire to learn more about their personal life.

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